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How To Burn bootloader with Uno R3 and ArduinoISP

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I see this question asked quite often and is an early stumbling block for those either new to Arduino or have created their own design and want to use the IDE to program it easily. I decided to make a short video showing how you can use an Arduino Uno R3 with ArduinoISP to burn a bootloader on a custom design, in this case our dual relay controller!

The process is really quite straightforward. The first step is to wire up the target board to the Programmer board, while the pins might change on the programmer board the target pins will always be named the same! Since we are using an Uno the pinout in the ArduinoISP sketch is what we will be using. Once we have the pins wired up, lets load the ArduinoISP sketch on.


After the sketch is loaded on our programmer board(Uno R3) its time to tell the IDE which board type our target board is. This is important as it determines which bootloader is burned onto the target. Some bootloaders disable the internal oscillator which is a problem if your design is running the internal clock at 8mhz like a pro mini for example. In this tutorial we are using our dual relay controller which is essentially an Uno clone (external clock 16mhz) so we will choose the Uno board type.

Now its really just a matter of selecting burn bootloader with Arduino as ISP selection and waiting till the process is complete. Once the bootloader is finished being burned, the target is now able to act as an Arduino compatible device and can be programmed with the IDE!
Hopefully this short tutorial will help those who have issues with this part of the Arduino experience!

A bit more on the changes

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For those returning (especially from links from the old site, i.e. links ending in .aspx) there have been quite a bit of changes. I am sure this is going to cause chaos for a while but the overall experience is well worth the hassle!

The old site was run under the DNN framework and while it worked was cumbersome and lacked support. The news site is based on wordpress and has allowed me to finalize most of my goals and error points associated with the old cart and framework. In short I am now free to move on and create more content. In the next few days I will be uploading some older videos to youtube and creating some project build tutorials. Some of these were actually backlogged and stalled due to the ever growing site maintenance trouble.

Users can expect a much better experience all around and especially concerning the store end of the site. we can now accept CC cards directly and the whole process from start to finished is streamlined. I now offer full shipping options for UPS and USPS and if there is enough demand I can add FedEx as well!

The next few weeks will be a little bumpy due to the changeover and old existing links will be broken, but in the end I expect to see quicker growth and most activity on the site!

A big Thank You to all my supporters and those whose shoulders I stand on!

LeoPhi V2 and Arduino IDE

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Just wanted to update everyone, with the recent version of Arduino I had to fork and build a separate version of the IDE to allow for LeoPhi to natively work. This required a few changes to AvrdudeUploader.java and a few changes to the bootloader and handling files. Since I have forked the IDE and have use git the whole time it is a simple matter to add updates provided they don’t make too many drastic changes. OSX user can find the recent build here, and Win user can find it here

Some more Updates

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Some updates to GarData, and dealing with the great blog wipe of 2013. Its all pretty good news I did loose some good blog posts and a some good comments. But the flip side Is the spam will be much easier to deal with. Thank you for everyones patients while I get the site moved!

Site is coming along

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Well its been a bit rough but I do have about 80% of the sites content restored. I also have some new content in the works, plus a ton of improvements to the experience all around! Sit back and enjoy the ride!