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Quick Update

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Just received a rather large shipment of BNC connectors!

The good news is I can now start producing in larger batches once again, I am starting with fulfilling several backorders, while at the same time getting stock back into the store and Tindie shouldn’t take much more then a week or so at this point! I will place another medium order of PCBs for MinipH, MinieC to keep stock(I am going to adjust the designs slightly after this next order, form factor will be the same as will performance). I also have a small stock of MiniIon and soon to be the production variant of IsoIon that will be going up on the store shortly. I know many have been waiting for a long time for these and they are finally out although stock is very limited at this point.

A big thank you to my supporters and customers, it has been a challenging last few months fighting to keep stock up! Even though it caused a slight backup the small adjustments I made to my supply chain will help us further down the road, especially with designs that require lots of probe interconnects, multiple AFEs and multiplexing 🙂 (Maybe I have said too much already hehe).

Well just wanted to send everyone a quick update! I will start posting more often as I have time.

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