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A bit more on the changes

A bit more on the changes

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For those returning (especially from links from the old site, i.e. links ending in .aspx) there have been quite a bit of changes. I am sure this is going to cause chaos for a while but the overall experience is well worth the hassle!

The old site was run under the DNN framework and while it worked was cumbersome and lacked support. The news site is based on wordpress and has allowed me to finalize most of my goals and error points associated with the old cart and framework. In short I am now free to move on and create more content. In the next few days I will be uploading some older videos to youtube and creating some project build tutorials. Some of these were actually backlogged and stalled due to the ever growing site maintenance trouble.

Users can expect a much better experience all around and especially concerning the store end of the site. we can now accept CC cards directly and the whole process from start to finished is streamlined. I now offer full shipping options for UPS and USPS and if there is enough demand I can add FedEx as well!

The next few weeks will be a little bumpy due to the changeover and old existing links will be broken, but in the end I expect to see quicker growth and most activity on the site!

A big Thank You to all my supporters and those whose shoulders I stand on!

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