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Adding more stock back into store!

Adding more stock back into store!

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Hello All,

First off thank you everyone for all your support, I really appreciate it and cant thank everyone enough! I have been very busy behind the scenes both here and at the day job(I will write more on this later). For those that email asking if I am still around, yes very much so!

I will be working over the next several days to fulfill the last batch of orders as well as build up extra stock. I will add some stock both to here and at Tindie as well. As demand is quite high right now, I may not have stock for very long but lead times for most items will be shortened significantly. There are a few important changes that should be mentioned, I have updated MinipH hardware to version 4, but the current firmware/software examples aren’t fully compatible. I will get these changes added into the code ASAP for those existing users that have version 4.0.

Now to get back to building some Mini’s!

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