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Got a few ISRelay Units back in stock

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I scrounged up a few Units and have parts on order for a lot more!(Backordering has been turned on after a few requests). I will have an update posts with more details about these units, as I have revised the hardware slightly for a tad safer operation. As usual with working with mains, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, and Please KNOW WTF YOU ARE DOING, if not ask for help and learn!

Adding isolation to water sensors

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Hello all,
I put off releasing more about the water quality sensors I have been working on in the background (Mini, and Leo versions of eC, DO, ORP, etc…) so that I could test some single IC solutions that I saw from AD early test are very promising, and I seem to be on a solid path to both Dataline and Power isolation. This will be huge news for those stuck with “other” noisey eC sensors causing problems with pH and DO readings. This will also solve most of the ground loop and mains noise issues some people have with pH sensor in larger water bodies or those with mains powered pumps in them.

I wanted to put up a brief post to talk about this and also mention that I should have reference designs up shortly and then some first revisions will show up a couple weeks later (looks like on track for a mid Aug release).
So sit tight and with any luck (Please Murphy, I hear someone needs your help somewhere else lol) we’ll have isolated sensors soon!

And I’m back

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Was a good weekend trip, and got a bit of a break now to get back to business.
I will start shipping Thursdays orders and on today and should be caught up by the 23rd!

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Gone Fishing!

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Just wanted to let everyone know any orders from Thursday to Sunday will get pushed up till Monday.
I’ve decided to take Friday to Sunday to go fishing and finally take a vacation after 3 years of non stop busy work 🙂
Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Youtube Channel with video tutorials

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A shoutout to my Youtube Channel

For those that are just passing by my blog I want to lead you on over to my Youtube Channel as well. I have a few video tutorials up, and am in the process of creating quite a bit more content for it and hoped to increase both my view rate and subscriptions!

I have another tutorial video I am just about to finish up and edit, it covers how to take an Idea and bring it through to a finished “kit”. Although it is a rehash of my one of my own designs I think it will help a lot of newcomers with some of the pitfalls I ran into. It will make a very good addition to youtube, and will be a lead in to a give away I am planning over the course of a few videos!

In the meantime head on over to my Youtube Channel, if you like what you see subscribe and give me a thumbs up or leave a comment it really helps both my blog and youtube channel out!