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More stock incoming

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Wow didn’t realize I would sell out that fast of the MinipH’s. I have a lot more parts on the way and will have more built up in a few days. I will have them all shipping out at the end of the week, so order up if you need them!! MinieC’s will be coming in about 10-14 days and IsoIons are about 2 weeks out now, order up on the eC and Ion, quantities are limited for the first couple batches on those! If you need non- overlapping addresses please let me know! Thanks for everyone’s support I really appreciate it, and it helps me create new hardware and refine the revisions of the most popular stuff!!

Welcome Hackaday!!

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Thanks for stopping by the site, my only wish is that I had my documentation more in order!
If you have any questions let me know at Admin or Info @ this site and I will do my best to get you pointed in the right direction or the most updated info, etc…! Anyway just wanted to say Hey, and thank you for stopping by enjoy!

Cart issues solved please commence ordering!

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Welp it looks like I messed up the cart and parts of woocommerce trying to streamline ssl sitewide. People were unable to add items to their carts and checkout. I have adjusted back to the working way. The store is still secured of course but sitewide SSL has been switched off, browsing should be faster anyway. So if you wanted to order something please do so now!

All systems clear!

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With all the heartbleed action going around I though I would take some time to make sure everything was kosher on the site. I also had some painful bugs with woocommerce and my theme acting up. Well the bugs are squashed (with some new ones, cant you tell lol), and after running through various tools (http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/) It seems like everything is A OK on this end!! I also took the opportunity to switch ssl on site wide. As with everything that has to due with security holes such as this it is prudent to change all your passwords, you never know who knew what when! Lets be thankful everything is testing out OK here!!