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Hakko FX-888D Demo and Giveaway!

Hakko FX-888D Demo and Giveaway!

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In follow up to this blog post and video I put up the actual demo and giveaway video! So please take the time to view and and comment on it, plus a thumbs up always helps! In case anyone is wondering engagement such as comments, thumbs up along with length of view really helps YouTube rankings, so please comment and thumbs up!

I also want to take the time to thank HMCelectronics again for providing me with the Hakko FX-888D and also letting me give it away to one of my lucky viewers! They are a great supplier from personal experience, if you are in need of equipment or help with tool selection, service or generally anything. I have found them to be very helpful whether you are a business or hobbyist, please don’t hesitate to use them for your soldering equipment needs! Just as a reminder you can get a small discount from HMC at checkout by entering SparkyWidget at checkout!(this will last until the end of August 2014)!!

The video review is also worth a view if you haven’t watched it yet, I go over some tip care tricks so that you can keep those tips lasting a long time!
I will have some other tools blog posts coming up shortly where I talk about reflow ovens, hot air stations, hand tools and sledge hammers (Oh yes, one should always have a hammer ready!)

Don’t forget to comment and thumbs up the giveaway video so you can be eligible to win!

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