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Youtube Channel with video tutorials

Youtube Channel with video tutorials

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A shoutout to my Youtube Channel

For those that are just passing by my blog I want to lead you on over to my Youtube Channel as well. I have a few video tutorials up, and am in the process of creating quite a bit more content for it and hoped to increase both my view rate and subscriptions!

I have another tutorial video I am just about to finish up and edit, it covers how to take an Idea and bring it through to a finished “kit”. Although it is a rehash of my one of my own designs I think it will help a lot of newcomers with some of the pitfalls I ran into. It will make a very good addition to youtube, and will be a lead in to a give away I am planning over the course of a few videos!

In the meantime head on over to my Youtube Channel, if you like what you see subscribe and give me a thumbs up or leave a comment it really helps both my blog and youtube channel out!

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