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WR703N and LeoPhi

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Well its been a while since I started working on getting a LeoPhi and a WR-703N working together, I had too many other loose ends to finish before I finally got around to actually starting on this. I left off getting OpenWRT flashed onto the router and a quick setup. Getting the firmware on the router is pretty trivial, but setting it up to work with the USB port and serial takes a bit of work. I plan on making a detailed write up on it but wanted to leave a little hint post.

The gist of it is when working with the Leo line of sensors is to install and enable kmod-usb-acm (pretty much the core USB ones too even kmod-usb2 for 2.0 hub support) I actually had better luck using the newer version of OpenWRT and LuCi instead of sshing in via CLI. I then configured the start up file to run ser2net as a test via the -C switch per each USB device connected.

The key to the routers configuration is to set it up as a wifi client with a IP addressing scheme similar to the host network, but to keep the LAN side on a different “hosts” portion (basically the xxx.xxx.1.xxx portion of the IP). This way we can easily configure the router from inside the LAN should something fail in configuration. I also configured WAN administration since technically the wan would be a client to an existing network!

The WR703N and LeoPhi hack is proving to be a really handy hack so far, and I am working on a full blown article and a video as well! Stay tuned!

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