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MinieC eC interface


MinieC offers a great way to add in eC sensing to any project via the I2C 12 bit interface.

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MinieC A eC interface for Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects.


MinieC eC interface┬áis a very cost effective solution for adding eC sensing capability to any project. MinieC uses a popular and proven 12 bit ADC that is very easy to work with, precise, and reliable, taking measurements is a snap. This makes it an ideal addition to any electronic tool box, especially those that need water quality sensors! Designed to be easily integrated with projects using either a breadboard(standard .1″ header) or even use a Seeed Grove connector! This is an open source hardware project and all files can be found on MinieC’s Project page or directly on my GitHub!

Various Info

  • Full eC range able to use K.1, K1, K10 cell constant probes, and can work with homemade probes using Platinum, or tungsten electrodes
  • Wide range of VIN inputs (2.7 to 5.5V) works with RaspI’s for example
  • Easy to use 12bit ADC

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