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If you have ever wanted to control a lamp, pump or fan with an Arduino these relays boards make it easy!

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250v/16A In Series Relay Breakout with 5V coil

A compact and powerful relay board meant for easy switching of mains voltage and driving high current loads with micro-controllers!

These are great for creating DIY power switch tails and other projects that may require driving larger loads, such as fans, pumps and HID lighting.

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Dimensions 4.2 × 3.2 × 2.3 cm

2 reviews for ISRelay

  1. Colin

    I was actually expecting a kit, but this was pre-assembled and the item pictured seems to be an older version (mine is all surface mount). I appreciate the LED indicator and I’m using this with a 110v application – works great. Overall, price is very good for a solid product – quick shipping. THANKS!

  2. Arizno

    These are half the size of the relay boards sold at sparkfun, plus they are assembled. These are also of much better quality than the cheapos sold at ebay. Very reliable a well assembled. The one in the picture looks crappy compared to the one you will receive.

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