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USB to Serial Xbee

Project description

Having a need for a few USB to Serial/Xbee adapters I decided to create one that would have enough power for the Pro line (and the awesome Wifi boards SparkFun makes). Using the ever popular FTDI IC this breakout board has a couple other useful features as well. We combined the standard USB to serial Header with the Xbee sockets on a convenient form factor to form a nice little unit which is very handy. Since the recent addition of Wifi and the Pro Series of Xbees, we added a 500mA 3.3v Vreg to ensure enough power for those units that need it. These Units are pretty straight forward and consist of the standard FTDI pinout wired into the Xbee sockets and the header. Each Xbee pin is then broken out onto the breadboard compatible connectors.



KISS the key here nothing special but a FTDI running at 3.3v

USBtoSerialXbee_thbThis is your standard FTDI pinout USB to Serial convertor. In order to make it more useful we decided to add the Standard Sparkfun style header for uploading to an Arduino Pro. We also though with the rising popularity of Xbee and Xbee form factor modules it would be a good idea to put on sockets as well. Since some of those modules can require quite a bit of current, a 500mA 3.3v regulator was a must. To top it off it fits into the standard breadboard making a handy platform for not only communication but also power supplies(5v and 3.3v) as well as an Xbee module breakout too!

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