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Xbee Level Shifter

Project description

This is a very handy unit, designed after many fruitless attempts at connecting multiple voltage level module together we decided to take the popular TXS and TXB line of ICs and create a breakout for them. Using the Xbee form factor allows this unit to be very flexible and powerful with all 8 ports of the bi-directional IC are broken out. Since all these newer Xbee and wifi units use more current we decided on the 500mA 3.3v Vreg to ensure enough power.(Note that there are 2 version of the IC one is an open drain for I2C type conversion, the other is more suited for the Xbee, but both can work with care)


Keep Cool

We don't want to burn up those precious Pis

XbeeLevelConvertor_thbVoltage level conversion is a real hassle when you need to connect a 3.3v module to a 5v Arduino. Our solution to this always a nag problem is to take the popular USB to Serial/Xbee form factor and replace the FTDI with a Ti TX(X) series level conversion IC. Since these IC are auto-sensing bi-directional all we need to worry about is supplying the inputs and outputs!

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