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USB to Serial


A USB to Serial converter with a twist!

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USB to Serial/Xbee Converter

A USB to Serial converter with a twist! Using the ever popular FTDI IC this breakout board has a couple other useful features as well. I combined the standard USB to serial Header with the Xbee sockets on a convenient form factor to make a nice little unit which is very handy. Since some of the modules can use quite a bit of current I added a 500ma 3.3v LDO regulator to ensure enough power for even the wifi and pro modules. These Units are pretty straight forward and consist of the standard FTDI pinout wired into the Xbee sockets and the header. Each Xbee pin is then broken out onto breadboard compatible connectors. This is an open source hardware project and all files can be found on USB to Serial’s Project page!

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